Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Baadshah Broking

Ensuring that the privacy of each of our visitors is maintained is the top priority of Baadshah Broking. Hence, the privacy measures listed below are applied on our official website - We offer our services using the web address -

The Privacy Policy mentioned herewith is a depiction of how Baadshah Broking collects your information and to what extent we will be able to use it.

The Privacy Policy is applicable to all the services we provide and the activities held online through our official website. All the information and data you share on our website comes under this privacy. Please note that any information that is requested over calls, one-on-one, or any other mode of communication is not covered under our Privacy Policy. If you have any queries, minor or major, regarding the Privacy Policy by Baadshah Broking, you must get in touch with our team to seek clarification.


Every time you access the official website of Baadshah Broking, you are automatically consenting to this Privacy Policy. It is solely your responsibility to check back for any changes in the Policy before sharing any information on our website.

2.Information Collected by Baadshah Broking

Some basic details about you are collected when you visit our official website. On the contrary, if you get in touch with us through the contact form given on our website, you will have to submit details like:

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Any extra information that you convey to our team.

If you opt for any of the services we offer, you will have to submit more details to us for the purpose of verification, like PAN details, Aadhaar Card number, KYC status, photograph, and signature
You will also have to provide your financial details like Bank account details, in order to receive the services offered by Baadshah Broking.

3.Use of Your Information

All the information that is collected from the visitors on the website of Baadshah Broking is for one or more of the following purposes:
  • Improving the customer experience we provide using our website.
  • Personalizing the way you get to interact with our website.
  • Offering you the best possible services depending on your preferences.
  • Get in touch with you for the promotion of our products/services and, of course, for marketing purposes.
  • Prevent the occurrence of fraud on our website.
  • Send you emails regarding our services or routine reminders.

4.Third-Party Links

You may encounter many different links to third-party websites on our official site. We have added these to ensure that you get more information about certain terminologies or services. However, once you click on one of these links and exit our website, the Privacy Policy of Baadshah Broking will not be applicable. Hence, as a user, it is essential for you to practice caution when you open such links and act smartly before providing any personal or financial details in these third-party links.

5.Access Log Files:

Baadshah Broking also collects and stores some essential information about your interaction with our website on the Internet. This includes your browser preference, IP address, patterns of you visiting our website (in terms of date and time) as well as the number of pages you access on the Baadshah Broking website. This helps us devise trends for our users. We use this information purely for administration purposes and assure you are this information doesn’t describe you as an individual.

6.Advertisements and Privacy: also has numerous advertising partners who will be collecting details like your IP address when you open the website using your browser. This is because this equation involves the use of technologies like JavaScript and cookies. The purpose of collecting this information is to understand how successful their ad campaigns are. Furthermore, our advertising partners may also study the data and make any changes to their strategies to make them more effective. Baadshah Broking has no control over the data collected by these third-party advertisers and how they do it.

7.Disclaimer for Losses:

Baadshah Broking strives hard to provide you with the most reliable information possible regarding the stock market and related aspects. How you try to use this information to your benefit is completely upto you. We take no responsibilities or offer any warranties of any type regarding the data and information published on our website. Hence, any consequential losses that might occur due to your actions will not be covered or borne by Baadshah Broking.

8.GDPR Data Protection Rights

As a user of Baadshah Broking, you will get the right to access your personal data stored with us. Furthermore, you have the right to get in touch with us to rectify any details about you present in our system. If you want, you can also request us to erase your data stores with us. Additionally, you can restrict the processing of the personal information submitted to us. Upon your request and under applicable conditions, you will also be able to transfer your data to other organizations. You can get in touch with us if you want to exercise the rights noted under the list of GDPR Data Protection Rights.

9.Minor’s Details

Baadshah Broking doesn’t intend to collect any information from children below the age of 13 years. We understand that kids can do it unknowingly; hence, if it is brought to your notice that something like this has happened, you must reach out to our team immediately to undo this.

10.Updates in the Privacy Policy

Baadshah Broking has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy as we deem fit and we will not be responsible for updating you regarding the same. Hence, it is your job to check the Policy everytime you are going to submit any information on our website. If you have issues or questions regarding the pointers mentioned in this Privacy Policy for Baadshah Broking, feel free to ask us, and we will explain everything to you patiently and professionally.