Cancellation & Refund

Cancellation & Refund Policy for Baadshah Broking

The cancellation and refund policy is stated in terms of money paid by users to avail of the website services of Baadshah Broking. Every user who wants to access the website for investing must pay Rs 99 for 1-year validity to operate the website. The cancellation and refund policy of Baadshah Broking has some important considerations and compliance that every user must read carefully before investing.

Stock Transfer Timeframe

- After the successful purchase of pre-ipo stocks by the investor, the company aims to transfer the stocks within 10 days of successful payment and purchase of the given stock.
- In case stock has been transferred to the investor after the investor initiates the refund process, the investor will be notified.
- Upon stock transfer, refund requests will be canceled and ownership will be transferred to the investor.

Refund Request Terms And Eligibility

- The users operating the websites have refund eligibility and processing time to follow in case they need a fund transfer.
- Users who want a refund need to share a refund request. The company will proceed with the refund process within 30 days of receiving the refund request from the client.
- The refund requested by the client is provided using the same payment method used for purchasing the stocks. In case of any technical errors or regulatory limitations of the payment method, the company will connect with investors to find an alternative route of payment method to proceed with the refund.

The refund processing is eligible for users for the following eligibility criteria: - The investor who purchased stocks through Baadshah Broking is eligible for a refund if the company fails to transfer the purchased stocks to the investor's account within 10 days of making the purchase.
- A refund request is only acceptable if it was submitted by the original investor of the stock. The investor has to make a written request via email to our refund department for refund.
- The refund request must be made by the investor within 30 days starting from the end of the 10-day transfer timeframe given in the stock transfer. After this time, investors will no longer be eligible to get a refund.

Currency Conversion

- If the investor has made any purchase with another currency that is other than INR, the refund amount will be converted into the currency of purchase with a currency rate prevalent at the time of refund.
- The investor is responsible for paying the conversion rate fee or any refund process fee imposed by financial institutions.

- The users can take advantage of the refund policy only for pre-IPO stocks. The cancelation and refund policy will not cover any change, fluctuation in stock price, or market-related events.
- Baadshah Broking has the right to change or modify the refund policy at any given point in time without any prior knowledge to clients. However, any refund request made before the policy change will not have any effect on the changes made in the policy.
- Value-investing purchases on the website are non-refundable. We at Baadshah Broking do not provide any change or refund for value investing.
- The fee paid by users to access the website dashboard is a one-time purchase and is non-refundable in nature.


- Baadshah Broking does not give a warranty for providing website services error-free or uninterrupted. All the website services including the dashboard are provided as available to the clients. It doesn't guarantee to remain error-free, however, we aim to provide consistent services with ease of use for our clients at all times.
- The users need to understand that the website is operated using technology and the internet which might have uncertainties and complexities that include software, internet facilities, and computer systems. So, there might be unforeseen issues that may or may not be under our control. So, you must follow all the required steps to protect your data.
- Hereby, Baadshah Broking declares that we regularly upgrade our systems and work for the betterment of the platform to ensure users have a smooth trading experience. Our team works on all aspects to provide detailed information on the data.
- The refund and cancellation policy will provide all the information that will help users to ensure you can initiate a refund request as required. However, make sure you read the refund policy before making a request carefully.

Information and transfer

All the transitions, purchases, sales, investments, and website data are provided through the dashboard or via email. The mode of communication used by our team is email or phone number. For detailed queries or information, email is preferred email.

Contact Details

We have well-established contact information for users/clients/investors to resolve queries, initiate refund policies, and more. The refund policy is initiated through our refund department with contact details- or 07968158380.

The users/clients/ investors who operate the dashboard or other details have to agree on terms and conditions, privacy policy, and cancellation and refund policy. It is recommended to read all the details carefully and regularly to avoid any issues later.